Why Choose a Concrete Pool?
  • There has always been an ongoing debate about whether to have a concrete or fibre glass pool. Our company deals solely with concrete pools, and here are some reasons why.
  • Concrete pools offer flexibility of design (odd shapes backyards are no problem) and better long term economy
  • Concrete pools can be renewed by power washing or re-spraying
  • Steps are normally placed on the inside of a pool, this allows the overall shape of the pool to flow from the deck to the pool better than if you had to use exterior steps which would intrude into the paving around the pool. Interior steps also mean that you will gain decking space
  • If you are looking at having a waterfall incorporated into the pool and it is being placed at a higher elevation behind the pool, a concrete pool allows for the back end to be built higher. The back wall then eventually becomes a retaining wall on top of which the waterfall can then be built.
  • Actual tiles are used along the inside of the walls of the pool at the top, right underneath the pool coping - and there are so many different colours and types available.
  • With a concrete pool you can have a vanishing edge - of course your property must lend itself to this but it is definately possible! Having the pool perched at a higher place with the land just dropping of creates a great look and feel to your pool area