Why do you want a pool?

Discuss the decision carefully with your family, partner and all members of your household before making a decision. Get everyone to write down the reasons they do or do not want a pool. Make sure you consider everyone’s opinions, even the youngest in the family.

What will I use it for?

(See Reasons for a Pool)

What type of pool do I Want?

There is hundreds of styles out there, some you have probably never heard of. There are all sorts of shapes, sizes and combinations. This can be one of the fun parts of the projects, ‘pool shopping’. You can research books, magazines, the internet and visit pool and patio shows so you can see a few ideas about pools, spas and hot tubs, not to mention grab a few brochures while you are there. You can also see our
Pool Designs for You for ideas and watch the video on Which Pool design suits your Home? for more ideas.

What Size and Shape?

If you have a big estate that includes acres then your worries are slightly lesser than someone with a small yard. It may take some creativity, special designs and compromising to make a swimming pool work in a small space, but don’t worry! It can be done!

What is my Budget?

Make sure you have a budget in mind, things will normally cost a bit more than you will expect so always over calculate when it comes to the final budget.

Should I maintain the pool or Hire someone to do it for me?

There is alot to do to maintain a pool, chlorine, bromine, pumps, pool vacuums, test kits, heaters, the list is endless. You have decide whether you are up for the time commitment and monthly costs of maintaing a pool. If you do not have time to maintain the pool and can afford the investment our company can maintain the pool for you, saving you the time and worry of whether you have right right chlorine levels in your pool and whether the pumps are working correctly, we will do all that for you.

When or How Soon do I want it done?

If you are planning an event, wedding or birthday for six months after the start time - don’t. Be realistic about the time it will take to complete all the works as often weather can put works back by days or a few weeks until the site has fully dried out again. Discuss with your personal consultant which months would be the best to construct a pool and discuss possible completion times also.

To discuss swimming pool construction 
contact the team in Bundaberg to have a one on one meeting with our consultant.